Six-Hands Massage

AED 800 60 min
AED 1000 90 min
AED 1200 120 min

Among the many different types of massage in Dubai, people most often opt for standard techniques. However, we recommend paying attention to a special massage, which is a 6-hands massage in Dubai. This massage treatment differs from other categories of massage primarily in that not one therapist is involved in the massage process, but three massage therapists at once who work synchronously.

At Mirage, perhaps, the best European and Russian massage center and spa in Jumeirah, Dubai, you can get such a massage session. However, we recommend choosing a regular massage treatment strategy wisely because six-hand massage can not only remove toxins and detox the body but also give deep healing sensations, help establish a connection between body and mind and relieve discomfort in everything in the body.

In this short review, we will talk about the benefits of massage therapy, reveal the risks of this body-healing therapy, and give a couple of tips to those who want to get a six hands massage at Mirage spa in Jumeirah.

How Six-Hands Massage Works

Six-hand massage in its structure is still the same massage with all the classic attributes, as the massage is carried out in a massage center and massage room; the six hands massage session lasts either 90 min or 60 min, and all guests are given towels, oil massage or lotion are used during the massage. It is possible to add aromatherapy, using essential oils or lavender, so that the session turns into an aromatherapy massage in parallel.

The main feature of this massage therapy is that, unlike other massage techniques, six hands massage involves the work of three massage therapists, who work on all parts of the body at once for 90 min or 60 min. In the case of massage sessions of a six-hands massage, gliding and soothing strokes of masseurs simultaneously can relax the forearm, elbow, palms, hands, and feet.

Synchronous movements of professional massage therapists at Mirage spa can provide not only complete relaxation but can also cure many diseases and injuries. Thus, six-hand massage has the functions of four categories of massage in one: in particular, sports massage, healing massage, therapy massage, and relaxing massage. The key to success is the work of high-class massage therapists, so our Mirage European and Russian spa, Dubai, recruits only those specialists who can be classified as licensed massage therapists with extensive work experience.

In addition, there is an opportunity to arrange couples massages at Mirage in Jumeirah. Speaking of six hands massage, the cost of one massage treatment for a 60-minute session is around 2100 AED, while massage sessions that last 90 min can cost 3100 AED. We have learned the basic aspects of massage therapy; now, it's time to talk about the specific health benefits of six-hands massage.

Reasons to Do Six-Hands Massage at Mirage

Six-hands massage is very versatile and can help in a variety of cases, from simple calming and relaxation purposes to the treatment of the whole body from various physical and mental diseases. This massage treatment, conducted by three therapists once at the same time, is best done in our best spa in Dubai in Jumeirah.

Six-hand Massage Helps Relieve Pain

Massage treatment allows for 90 min or 60 min to get rid of pain in various parts of the body, in particular, joint pain, backache, spinal pain, as well as lower back pain.

Six-hand Massage Improves Circulation

Vascular health and normal flow are the keys to the longevity of life, and the massage techniques used in a six-hand massage greatly improve lymph circulation, eliminate interruptions in circulation, reduce headaches, and boost overall well-being.

Massage Tools Help Athletes

After large and prolonged physical exertion, at least three massage sessions are necessary to get rid of various muscular aches and pains and achieve complete relaxation. Deep tissue massage and connective-tissue massage help to relieve muscle tension and enter the state of myofascial release. Working simultaneously for 90 min or 60 min, three therapists will make tight muscles healthy and ready for new challenges.

General Wellness Massage and Mental Health

Three therapists can manage special trigger points, which are better than any craniosacral therapy and chiropractic, which will help reduce stress, establish mental harmony, and restore the "mind-body" link. Scalp, neck, and facial massage and stimulating trigger points promote deep relaxation and detoxification; such a unique experience can be acquired only at our Mirage, European, and Russian massage center in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Getting Rid of Long-term Diseases

Massage treatment promotes relieving of chronic pains in various areas of the body, in particular from joint pain and back massage because many neuromuscular joints and nervous points are concentrated in the back. In our Mirage massage center in Dubai, 90 min or 60 min bodywork by the best three therapists will be enough to gain a healing experience, and you do not need any expensive visits to lymphatic drainage or other costly sessions.

Before You try Six-Hands Massage

Unlike such categories of massage as bamboo massage, massage oil, lymph massage, or hot stones massage (stone therapy), six-hands massage has no obvious contraindications or disadvantages. Of course, in some cases, for example, an open wound, in the postoperative period, or with certain diseases, massage is not recommended. However, this will apply to all categories of massage.

As an introduction to this type of massage, you can hold a trial session for 60 min and then choose a whole course where each session will last for 90 min (the price of a six hands massage equals 3100 AED). The first minutes of the massage technique session will immerse you in total bliss (like in the case of relaxation massage), and the rhythmic movements of specialists on your pressure point, coupled with the aromatic smell in the room, will refresh your body physically and spiritually. If you need a consultation, you can always get answers from our loyal customer service managers.

Overall, among the many categories of Dubai massage performed at Mirage spa center, six-hands massage is presented as a comprehensive massage treatment, and three massage sessions will be enough to achieve complete relaxation of the body, establish the body and mind connection, as well as acquire the necessary physical and mental well-being!