Deep Tissue Massage

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When it seems to you that pain in your whole body prevents you from living easily and joyfully, and you feel discomfort or even clamps in your muscles, then it's time to think about deep tissue massage therapy. Such a massage will give you not only a soothing effect but will also work out the most problematic areas, thanks to the use of the most effective techniques to overcome chronic pain and muscle soreness used by professionals at Mirage Spa in Jumeirah.

Let us look at the main features of deep tissue massage and its benefits compared to regular massage.

Deep Tissue Massage at Mirage Wellness Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai

Our massage center in Dubai offers its clients the best deep tissue massage, and be sure that the licensed massage therapist will talk with you in detail about the problems in your body and select methods that will restore your vigor and help you forget about muscle tension and pain forever.

During this special massage, you are going to receive a unique therapy: scalp, neck, and facial massage, as well as that on your hands and feet. The results after some sessions are similar to craniosacral therapy as our massage also prevents headaches and improves your general well-being. Moreover, deep tissue massage benefits also include a detoxifying effect that leads to the sensation of harmony. At the same, the intensity of such bodywork can be compared to the chiropractic approach.

After a session of deep tissue massage therapy, you will feel relief and tangible results.

Features of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is aimed at getting to the most problematic areas and working out even possible old injuries, thanks to strong pressure applied to certain areas of your body.

Therapists work out not only the muscles themselves but also the connective tissue (deep fascia) that surrounds them, which indicates a comprehensive approach to the problem.

This massage is a perfect option for stimulating a painful pressure point, which guarantees a myofascial release. The therapist performs rhythmic and rubbing movements in order to improve the circulation of lymph, relieve aches and pains, and reduce stress.

When common techniques of massage fail to treat your pain well, you may want to consider deep tissue massage as your alternative. Deep massage of muscles, connective tissues, as well as scar tissue is guaranteed, including an improvement in pressure as a nice bonus!

Remember that deep tissue massage is not recommended for people with a low pain threshold. However, in this case, Mirage can offer an alternative, such as the aforementioned Swedish massage, which focuses on the soft tissue and can also treat your pain, increasing muscle mobility as well.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep tissue massages have proven to be excellent both in terms of physical and psychological advantages. Experienced therapists of the center select individual therapy massage techniques that will meet your expectations from the results.

What can deep tissue massage do to your body? There are numerous benefits of massage therapy!

Relieve Muscle Tension and Reduce Pain

Well-applied massage therapy can work wonders even when medications are powerless. Persistent chronic aches and pain can lead to limited movement and discomfort and significantly lower your standard of living. Special attention to deep tissue massage should be paid to by people who have experienced sports injuries or surgery because they are a cause of scar tissue forming. Consequently, a feeling of stiffness is inevitable.

Deep tissue massage will provide you with aid recovery, as with the help of special palms movements, a massage therapist will work through rigid tissue, not leaving even the deep tissues without attention. Firm pressure exerted on different parts of the body (lower and upper back, arms, legs, and scalp) helps to relax tense muscles, improve circulation and prevent injury in the feature.

The next time you feel lower back pain, you know what to do — go for deep tissue massage therapy.

Psychological Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage benefits do not stop there. In addition to overcoming chronic pain and muscle soreness, deep tissue massage therapy is perfect for dealing with stress.

The healing massage technique relaxes your body and mind, resulting in the production of oxytocin, the so-called hormone of happiness. Many clients report that it has helped them treat their insomnia, experience deep relaxation, overcome stress problems, and feel much better overall. Therefore, deep tissue massage therapy is recommended not only for the physical improvement of the body but also for a stable mental state.

The emotional state is an important part of your health because constant stress can also contribute to the formation of tension in the muscles. Deep tissue massage is a great way to relax after a hard day at work.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Techniques

How exactly do deep tissue massages work? It is no coincidence that this is an extremely popular form of massage, which has proven itself to work out completely different problems. During a massage session, the masseuse uses many techniques and massage tools, more related to point pressure on the muscles, especially on the deeper layers.

After our deep tissue massage, you will feel:

  • Gradual softening of muscle tissue;
  • Relief after soreness;
  • Improvement of your health.

Possible inflammation of the muscle will also be quickly detected by a specialist and prevented in order to avoid pain in the early stages of the development of the problem.

Other massage techniques of deep tissue massage, which are also based on pressure, improve flow. One of them is Effleurage. It is especially helpful for people suffering from clots. Moreover, this technique contributes to the rapid healing of any injuries, including sports-related injuries, as well as improving pressure.

Deep tissue massage can replace lymphatic drainage for you as it improves the circulatory functions of lymph, which is extremely important if you want to detox your body.

Best European and Russian Massage Center and Spa in Dubai

Mirage Spa is the best spa in Dubai, according to the ratings of our clients. This is due to the high quality of our massage center, the professionalism of our massage therapists, and the different types of massage that are available to our dear customers.

For those who are looking for a massage in Dubai, we can offer the following services:

Aromatherapy Massage

It is an oil massage with aromatic essential oils (such as lavender) and hydrating lotion. Massage oil hydrates your skin, relaxes your muscles, and the pleasant smell calms the nervous system.

Relaxing Massage

With the help of calming and gliding hand movements of our therapists, you will soon feel the long-awaited relaxation after a hard working week.

Bamboo Massage and European Massage (or Swedish Massage)

It is ideal for those who want to not only receive a relaxation massage but also stretch their muscles.

Hot Stone Therapy

When you suffer from tight muscles, neuromuscular disorders, or just dream of relieving spinal and muscular pain, you definitely need to try deep tissue wellness massage at our unique European and Russian massage center in Jumeirah, Mirage Spa.

If you're searching for "deep tissue massage near me," then our center is the best opportunity to put your health in order and to finally get rid of all problems at Mirage.

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