Four Hands Massage Dubai

AED 600 60 min
AED 800 90 min
AED 1000 120 min

What is a four-hands massage, actually? A four hands massage is a kind of European massage where two massage therapists work on the whole body at the same time during a massage session to give every single client an ultimate pleasure and relaxing experience. Two therapists make synchronized moves when working on your body simultaneously.
It is true that any traditional massage is a beneficial body therapy, but if you think of four hands at one treatment session, you can multiply the effect by two. Not only that, a four hands massage can involve various massage techniques.

Four hands massage service is different from a conventional relaxing massage or pressure-point massage in regards to one factor: instead of one masseuse, you will get two therapists — hence the name 'four hands massage' — who will pamper your body with rhythmic gliding movements, using their palms (sometimes an elbow, too).

Four-hands Massage’s Benefits in Detail

We are going to guide you through the things you should expect at a four hands massage session if you choose to go to our European and Russian massage and spa center in Dubai.

What You Will Get With A Four Hands Massage in Dubai

You can get this special massage on the chosen areas of your body during a massage session with two therapists.

Here are the body areas that you can target at a wellness spa when having a 4-hands massage in Dubai:

  • Scalp, neck, and facial massage to deal with a headache
  • Hand massage, forearm massage, and hands and feet massage to improve circulation
  • Lower-back and neck massage to give attention to tight muscles
  • Back massage to decrease muscular tension
  • Massage, or their combination to get deep relaxation and relieve discomfort in tense muscles

After a four hands massage session, you will feel that this massage therapy can improve the circulation of lymph, help with relieving muscular tension and let you relax entirely.
Your brain will relax to the full extent, too, which is beneficial for your mental health and overall well-being.

Best Four-Hand Massage Deals in Jumeirah

Our center is a wellness massage center in Jumeirah, Dubai, and we are more than thrilled to offer the best massage in Dubai!  If you are based nearby and have ever asked yourself, "Where is the best massage near me?" we have the answer. Our center specializes in European, Russian, and Swedish massage, but we can also provide very special massage services by combining techniques and tools. 

Also, we are ever trying to keep up with the latest massage therapies. Professional masseuses at this spa are ready to give their client's bodies a fantastic massage experience with an oil massage to complete your relaxation procedure.

Aromatherapy Four-Hands Massage in Dubai

This massage technique has a soothing effect during a four hands massage service where two therapists work on your body simultaneously and make synchronized moves, which gives you sensations of relaxation, and the pleasure is doubled with the use of essential oils.
There are a great many oils, each aiming to combat a particular issue. 

Let us enlist the most popular oils used at our Dubai massage center:

  • Citrus — improves circulation and is applied for a circulatory system treatment
  • Lavender — help you relax and used extensively with a craniosacral therapy
  • Rosemary — used for connective tissue treatment and has a soothing effect
  • Clary sage — reduces neuromuscular contractions when combined with an oil massage

As you can see, these oils have a detoxifying effect and help to work on lymphatic drainage. When a therapist is applying a lotion with essential oil and gently rubbing it in, it produces a hydrating effect and gives a myofascial release, just like a chiropractic session. As a result, your mind and body can reach the perfect state.

Four-Hands Massage Services at European and Russian spa in Jumeirah, Dubai

Plan your visit to enjoy the four hands massage services at our European and Russian massage center, where you will find harmony in your mind and body. You can book a spa treatment and therapy alone or try a couples massage with your precious significant other.

We will try to do our best to let you enjoy four-hand massage therapy with two massage therapists to improve your health, find long-sought relaxation, detox and reduce stress levels. Massage masters in our spa in Jumeirah will be more than happy to provide you with outstanding service, a broad range of massages, and anything from soft white towels to various kinds of oils for your top relaxation.