Mirage Spa Packages

AED 350 Aroma (10am to 3pm) - 60 min
AED 350 Relaxing (10am to 3pm) - 60 min

If you want to pamper yourself with healing massage and other exclusive body treatments to spend the bikini season or the whole summer with benefits and pleasure, you just ought to visit Mirage, the best European and Russian massage center and spa in Jumeirah, Dubai. Welcome to Mirage spa, the center of the best spa and massage treatments in Jumeirah, with three massage rooms, a pool, a sauna, and a Moroccan bath available for our dear clients!

Such a relaxing massage at one of the best spas will brighten up any boring work and will help to correct not only headaches and back pain but also improve circulation and the immune resistance system's performance. You will improve your body's circulatory and neuromuscular features. The best therapists in Dubai will reduce stress and free your tight muscles from invisible shackles. Trust the best specialists only! Our massage therapists, masters, and other staff will assist in your complete relaxation at Mirage Spa.

Each spa has its own advantages and features. Some spa deals include sports activities and restaurants with healthy food in their services; others seek to pay more attention to the procedures and treatment of their clients. Be sure that any massage package at Mirage is aimed at your beauty, comfort, and utmost pleasure!

Top Wellness Spa Treatments and Massage Packages at Mirage

We will tell you in detail about the most common body procedures available at Mirage, which include many massage techniques applied by keen professionals. Most of them are suitable not only for ladies but also for gentlemen and children. 

Facial Treatments and Special Massage

Our Mirage spa, reviewed as the best spa in Dubai in Jumeirah, provides massage treatments suitable for every person, regardless of gender and age. 

  • Firstly, you will be given a hydrating mask that will nourish your face with useful substances and chemicals. Moreover, after using the mask, you will never be afraid of pimples and acne appearing on your epidermis. Your face will shine, and all the pores will be open.
  • Secondly, a licensed massage therapist will give you a myofascial release effect. 

In addition, you will have access to a special therapy (gliding and relaxing facial muscles, skull massage). You will also be suggested a body therapy massage technique, "scalp, neck and facial massage," — the perfect pick in the category of couples massage. 

  • Now you can deeply relax and forget about the headache and tense muscles at Mirage.

There are also other promotions and services in availability for facial care.

Reviving and Rejuvenescence at Mirage

Why sit at home, look at Hollywood stars and models and envy their appearance? Why complain about aches and pains when you can visit the perfect spa and massage center? Within a couple of hours, you will be able to rejuvenate all parts of the body. Your relieving journey starts with a thorough skincare session at Mirage spa. You will have access to a mask with white clay, professional peeling, aromatic oil massage using essential oils, lavender lotion, and aromatherapy massage. 

After a deep relaxation massage, your skin will become sleek, and your pores will clear.

Detox and Stress Relief Therapy

This procedure includes a soothing body massage, as well as advanced infrared therapy technology with innovative body-healing techniques. Detoxification removes harmful substances and toxins. In addition, during these procedures, you will be suggested lymphatic drainage and a few other types of massage to add up to the total effect (Bamboo massage, European massage, and hands and feet massage). They improve the work of lymph flow. Hurry up with booking, as many guests want to relax and test this detoxifying treatment at Mirage.

Harmful substances expose our body and mind to many diseases and stressful situations. This well-applied relaxing massage treatment will relieve your aches and boost your health condition by establishing harmony in your mind and body. The discomfort will disappear, and the skin will tighten and get clearer.

Mirage massage Center in Jumeirah, Dubai, offers perfect massage and spa services on business days from Monday to Friday without discounts. However, on Saturday and Sunday, the account owner will purchase a course of treatment at low prices. 

Healing Treatments and Best Massage in Dubai 

Now we will briefly talk about the main packages and therapeutic solutions for clients at Mirage Spa in Jumeirah. 

Here we have enlisted the most interesting offers:

  • Availability of pool, massage session, and Moroccan Bath.
  • Back massage and stone therapy to relax the connective tissue.
  • Forearm and elbow massage.
  • "Mind-body" restoration technology from the best masseuse to improve circulation of lymph.
  • Deep tissue massage and calming body cure using unique massage tools.

Perfect Spa Solutions and Massages for Men

Mirage, the best European and Russian massage center in Jumeirah, Dubai, will grant you exclusive recovery services and significantly improve your well-being. 

Choose from the best massage and spa opportunities available at Mirage spa center in Jumeirah:

  • Stimulating sports massage of the whole body to maintain muscular mass in good shape.
  • Lower-back massage with pressure-point search and reduction of muscle tension.
  • Spinal rubbing implying the use of wellness massage oil.
  • Body massage, pool, sauna, and Moroccan bath.

It is hard to overestimate the benefits of massage therapy for one who has aches and pains and seeks relaxation and revival of mind and body. So, if you are searching for the "best massage near me," visit Mirage Spa center.

Visit Mirage Spa in Jumeirah, Dubai, and get yourself a wonderful massage treatment performed by the best massage specialists to relieve stress and pains in your body and mind!

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