Full Body Massage Center in Dubai

Tight muscles can cause significant discomfort in your everyday life, so it is important to solve this problem in time and receive deep relaxation of your body. That is the reason why the full-body massage therapy provided by our professional masseuses is the perfect way for you to forget about the aches and finally relieve tension.

Learn more about this relaxing massage, which you can get at Mirage Spa, Jumeirah.

Mirage Spa - Best Full-body Massage Center in Dubai

Mirage Spa is a full-body nearby massage center that has definitely received a reputation as the best spa in Dubai, Jumeirah.

There are a number of reasons for that:

  • By choosing our center, you entrust your body to a licensed massage therapist who will find the perfect approach for each client;
  • After massage therapy at Mirage Spa, you will experience aches and pains relief; your energy flow will also increase;
  • If your stress and anxiety levels are high, there is nothing that can help you better and faster than a massage therapy session. Relieve stress and boost feel-good hormones;
  • You will also get long-term results after your body massage, such as an overall improvement in your health and the ability to prevent depression, anxiety, and many other problems with your nervous system.

Contact Mirage Spa to receive a healing full-body massage session and forget about stress, depression, and tension in your muscles.

Full-body Massage Features

Working with the client, a massage therapist chooses a unique massage technique that is ideal for the person's requests. The therapist can adjust the hand movements by applying different kinds of pressure and choosing either rhythmic, soothing, or gliding strokes or rubbing, soothing, and calming gentle movements.

There is also a possibility of asking for special massage tools, so the effect will be similar to lymphatic drainage and aromatic massage oil as well. Many options are available, for instance, lavender oil, which is quite popular among our clients.

An essential oil massage has an additional calming effect and relaxes you with ease, making your whole body work differently. Also, a therapist will apply some lotion before the session that will hydrate your skin and make it smoother and softer.

Another great idea for full-body therapy is signing up for a four- or six-hands massage. Two or three specialists will work on your body simultaneously. Such treatment will not only make your body relax but also will help to relieve stress and feel like you have a brand new body.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions to the specialists at massage center Mirage Spa, so they will be able to advise you and choose the best therapy to solve any mind-body problems you have, get rid of aches in your muscles, clear your head, and relax your shoulders and bones.

Benefits of Full-body Massage

Thanks to a full-body massage at Mirage Spa massage center, you improve the functioning of the entire body, as the benefits of massage therapy are practically endless.

Blood Circulation Benefits

Blood pressure directly affects the functioning of all organs, including the nervous system. That is why it is so necessary to pay attention to the proper functioning of the circulatory system, which provides cells with oxygen and promotes the removal of toxins faster for a detox effect.

The massage therapist at our full-body massage center will apply numerous techniques that will stimulate the blood flow and improve circulation, resulting in a boost to your immune system, a burst of energy

Lymphatic System Benefits

The lymphatic system has the same functions as a sewage system because it transports the lymph through the lymphatic vessels, detoxifying the body from all the toxins and reducing fluid retention.

At our wellness massage center (Dubai, Jumeirah), all therapists know how to work with the sewage system of the body in order to strengthen the immune system, stimulating the fighting against infections and diseases

Nervous System Benefits

Suffering from acute anxiety, you can forget about a truly healthy lifestyle. That is the main reason why during our relieving massage therapy, the focus of treatment is on the body and mind problems at the same time. A full-body massage can replace craniosacral therapy as it helps even after the very first session, preventing a headache and the development of mental health problems in the future.

At Mirage Spa, you can find harmony and peace, relax and maintain your health in the best possible condition!

Breathing Benefits

Constant stress at work and accumulated tension can lead to problems with the respiratory system. If you notice that it is getting hard for you to breathe, then it's time to come to a session of healing massage.

Sore muscles can be the cause of such a deterioration in well-being. That is why during the therapy massage, the specialist massages the pressure point, trying to find the person's problem area that leads to shortness of breath. This technique is completely painless as the therapist will only use light pressure, so you will be completely relaxed throughout the session.

If you want to enjoy a deep breath for longer periods of time and reduce stress, then body therapy at our wellness spa is the perfect opportunity for you!

Full-body Massage Techniques

Often people with a low pain threshold are afraid to seek help from massage therapists, as they imagine experiencing discomfort and unbearable aches. Turning to Mirage Spa, you do not have to worry about it, as our therapists select an individual approach for each client and constantly pay attention to your feelings. You will not feel unpleasant sensations at all.

Also, be sure to consult with a masseuse about muscle tension so that our therapist better understands which technique to choose to provide effective assistance. However, remember that during a full-body massage session, no part of the body will be left unattended, including your head, neck, arms, shoulders (as well as shoulder blades), legs, and feet.

This relaxation massage also consists of the scalp, neck, and facial massage. Such a complex approach, combined with a back massage, guarantees a myofascial release and prevention of any neuromuscular disorders. What is more, the masseuse will use not only her palms but also an elbow and forearm, applying strength to the particular areas of the body.

The main focus of the masseuse is to relieve muscular pains and serious aches. It is a little less tense than deep tissue massage, also known as sports massage. The last one is concentrated on connective tissue problems and is a perfect solution for lower back pain. 

Do not forget that you can combine some of your favorite techniques with aromatherapy massage, where the masseuse uses essential oils or lotions. Body massage oil is softly hydrating for your skin and is also one of the most popular services of our clients.

Give your skin a natural glow and receive the best massage in Dubai at Mirage Spa, Jumeirah!

Best European and Russian Massage Center and Spa in Dubai

As you have already seen, Mirage Spa in Jumeirah has everything you need for the best full-body massage of your life! And we forgot to mention that there is no massage at our center without clean towels, a friendly atmosphere, and amazing results after the session!

If you are googling "body massage spa near me," "body massage near me," "body spa near me," or "Russian Spa Dubai massage," Mirage Spa body massage center is what you are looking for. And for a full body massage in Dubai, there is no better place around than Mirage Spa in Jumeirah.

Mirage Spa is not only a wonderful place for massage in Dubai: it also has various spa activities like a pool, sauna, and Moroccan bath. Going to all these places will remove dead cells from your body and have direct consequences on your overall health.

Clients have been receiving their massages and wellness services in Mirage Spa for the past two years. During this period, the center in Dubai has been selecting the best massage specialists, and now there are seven professional therapists working in Mirage Spa. There are three massage rooms open for you day by day.

Besides a full-body massage where all body parts, including hands and feet, are worked on, Mirage Spa offers a wide range of other services and popular types of massage, including:

  • Aroma massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Lomi Lomi massage
  • Russian massage Dubai
  • Bamboo massage
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Four- and six-hands massage
  • Facial massage to make your skin glow.

Sign up for the greatest body massage in Dubai today – call Mirage Spa to find out some special offers available for you!

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