Best European Massage in Dubai

Mirage Spa Massage Center offers the Best European Massage in Dubai, where the effects extend beyond the physical realm to encompass the emotional and spiritual spheres. This transformative massage serves as a gateway to painlessly liberate yourself from unfortunate memories and traumatic events, fostering a focus on the present moment.

The technique employed in European Massage releases positive energy, promoting the rediscovery of joy, a desire for life, and infusing your consciousness with light and love for everything around you. Widely believed to possess magical properties of wish fulfillment, a one-hour session not only induces deep relaxation but also inscribes a new life role into your subconscious.

Renowned as the Best European Massage Center in Dubai, our sessions are recommended in challenging life situations. By delving into a state of profound relaxation, you unlock the ability within yourself to initiate positive life changes and overcome difficulties. Mirage Spa Massage Center ensures that your journey toward rejuvenation and transformation is guided by the best European massage techniques, creating an unparalleled spa experience. Book your session now to embark on a path of relaxation, self-discovery, and positive change.

How does a European massage session work?

  • Your attitude towards the session plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of the massage. Say to yourself: Today is my holiday and the whole world exists for me!
  • Think about something important in your life, a cherished wish or a change that you are looking forward to. You have to stay in that intention the whole time during the massage.
  • If you got to a real healer, who adopted the knowledge from the European masters, then before the massage session, the master will want to get to know you. The ceremony includes a long tea party and intimate conversation.
  • The massage lasts about an hour and a half and covers the whole body except for the intimate areas.
  • The European technique is performed mainly with the forearm to the rhythm of a European tune. The movements of the masseur are smooth, soft, skillfully related to the dance step.
  • The front surface of the body is massaged first, and then the back.
  • During the session, try to turn off control of the process and not think about the imperfections of your body. On the contrary, trust the masseur and think only about the good - this is the program that will fall into your subconscious.
  • After the massage the master will ask you to lie quietly for a while, so that the state of bliss lasts as long as possible;
  • After returning home, you should drink plenty of plain non-carbonated water, breathe deeply, listen to calm music, and take a relaxing, but not hot bath. Try as long as possible not to get involved in the excitable rhythm of life.
  • European massage can be done any day, as soon as the need arises.
  • For therapeutic and therapeutic purposes, a series of 5 or 10 sessions every two or three days is recommended.