Bamboo Massage at Mirage Spa

AED 550 60 min
AED 750 90 min

If you have been looking for a healing Dubai massage for a long time that could help you in many ways, relax the muscles, tone them up and charge you with energy and vivacity, then bamboo massage is really an ideal option. Bamboo has been known for its healing properties since ancient times; in many cultures, it is associated with elegance and durability, symbolizes life itself, and in bamboo massage therapy, many clients compare the effect produced to a deep tissue massage.

Let's consider the many benefits of this therapy performed at our European and Russian massage centers and spa in Dubai.

Bamboo Massage in Jumeirah, Dubai

In our center, you will find the best bamboo massage treatment lasting from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your preferences.

There are numerous benefits of massage therapy at our Mirage massage center in Jumeirah, Dubai. It is a great way to:

  • Achieve complete relaxation;
  • Forget about the aches and pains forever;
  • Improve circulation;
  • Detox yourself;
  • Get rid of the modern-day stress;
  • Achieve harmony and mind-body balance;
  • Maintain excellent physical shape.

Mirage massage center is among the best Russian and European spas in Jumeirah. Bamboo massage in Jumeirah at our center provides deep relaxation of the whole body and guarantees myofascial release. So if you want to try the healing properties of bamboo massage, then choose us!

Entrust yourself to our experienced therapists, and you will notice the result after the first session.

Bamboo Massage Specs

This is a type of body work during which therapists use bamboo sticks of different lengths, which vary depending on the area of ​​application and the desired effect for the client. It is extremely similar to deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, or Swedish massage; however, in this case, the therapist uses bamboo sticks instead of hands.

It should be noted that our technique is completely safe and painless. Moreover, it improves circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Advantages of Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage comprehensively works with both the physical and emotional state of a person, being considered a powerful preventive therapy.

It is an innovative way to get rid of the pain caused by:

  • lymph circulation;
  • Spasm of muscles;
  • A sedentary lifestyle.

The effect is reminiscent of lymphatic drainage as therapists are able to provide deep tissue work that improves flow and promotes aid relief. Bamboo sticks help to feel deeper pressure, causing clients to feel an extreme sensation that is soothing and invigorating.

How do bamboo massage sessions deal with tense muscles? The answer is simple: intense rolling of the sticks on problem areas helps to relieve tension, which ensures the removal of lactic acid and toxins, improves the sensory nerve perception, and provides a deep sense of recovery. Forget about the pain in your life once and for all!

If you suffer from tight muscles, wellness massage is the best solution for you. Body therapy is concentrated on finding a pressure point that can improve organ function and stimulate lymph, which is a part of the human circulatory system, in order to supply organs with oxygen and other useful elements.

Problems with the spine, especially those associated with the lower back, are one of the most common reasons for visiting our salon. Massage Barsha Heights has already helped a large number of clients to forget about such pain. Back massage can prevent neuromuscular disease (as the therapists pay attention to the spinal cord), facilitate human movement, and make muscles more mobile.

A licensed massage therapist working at our best spa in Dubai is able to perform chiropractic adjustments if needed that will reduce your back pain and, as a consequence of adjustment, prevent headaches that can be caused by misalignment of the spine.

This therapy will also help people who are trying to lose weight, as it has anti-cellulite properties by destroying fat cells. It also has a detoxifying effect!

Along with weight loss, your general health, in general, will also improve, which is an indisputable plus of our therapy.

Healthy Glow for Your Skin

Besides the fact that bamboo massage can alleviate muscle tension, it also has a healing and hydrating effect on your skin. Bamboo extract is rich in silica. This mineral is known for absorbing calcium, which guarantees the natural shine of the skin and its healthy appearance. Other essential minerals have anti-irritant properties, so your skin after our bamboo massage therapy will always be perfect.

During the massage, our therapists also use aromatic lotion or massage oil (there are many options available, such as lavender). If you are fond of an oil massage or aromatherapy massage, just make sure to ask our specialists to provide you with that kind of service.

Psychological Benefits of Bamboo Massage

If you are experiencing emotional problems and want to feel relaxed, then bamboo massage therapy will assist you in this matter as well. This relaxation massage also helps our clients get rid of stress, improve their emotional state, and overcome negative emotions.

With the help of craniosacral therapy, massage therapists can improve your nervous system and perform scalp, neck, and facial massages, which will definitely benefit your psychological state.

The relaxing massage provided at Mirage spa in Jumeirah not only helps with relieving aches and pains but also can reduce stress as it has a calming effect on your body and mind.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo fusion massage is practically the same as a regular bamboo massage; however, during therapy, the therapist also uses other special massage techniques, which greatly enhances the effect.

With the use of essential oils, the deep tissue massage technique increases the healing properties and relieves the client of pain even faster.

Warm Bamboo Massage

For a longer-lasting result, you can also try the warm bamboo massage Dubai, the only difference being that the sticks are heated before the session. The therapist heats the bamboo with a heating pad because a slightly higher temperature has a strong effect on the muscle tissue, increasing their tone and stimulating you in general.

Heated bamboo will not harm your skin and will not cause discomfort; you will only feel peace and tranquility during massage therapy.

Bamboo Massage Therapy Techniques

If you are still worried about using bamboo during massage therapy, now we will tell you in detail about this process. During the bamboo massage, the therapist uses techniques similar to those that provide Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. The healing properties of bamboo, discovered in ancient China, are confirmed by centuries of experience, so there is no doubt about its benefits. To roll the sticks, the therapist applies force to work out problem areas. However, he will carefully monitor your well-being, so bamboo massage therapy will definitely not cause you any pain.

Moreover, in addition to such exotic massage tools, the masseuse will also gently use her palms, forearm, and even elbow in order to perform rhythmic rubbing and gliding movements. This technique relaxes you and maintains the muscular system in perfect condition.

To further enhance the effect of bamboo massage therapy, ask the therapist to roll heated bamboo or to use techniques from other types of massage.

Other Types of Healing Massage

At our Mirage wellness spa, every client can find something for himself. There are many options for European and Russian spas in Dubai, but our center is the best place!

In addition to bamboo massage, we can also offer a popular sports massage, which is useful for working out connective tissue. It is ideal for people who want to get a good stretch of every muscle. Russian massage in Jumeirah also has many variants. However, our specialists can guarantee you a unique service and complete relaxation after the first appointment. If you do not want to be alone during the session, we can also offer you a couples massage, which can be a great gift for your loved one.

Want to try something a little more exotic? Consider our stone therapy with hot stones! This technique has already established itself as one of the best for relaxation and toning. For lovers of the classics, European massage is the option, especially since it suits all clients, regardless of their pain threshold and physical form.

Visit Mirage and make your perfect relaxing therapy choice!